Gloria teaches from the heart and into the heart. Her genuine spirit and immense devotion to the practice is healing and nourishing to be around. She teaches playful classes that get you out of your head, comfort zone, and ultimately, out of your pain.

Sam B

Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles

The most meaningful gift Gloria gave me was to believe in me in times when I couldn’t. Through her tough yet kind encouragement, she helped enliven an atrophied power within that allowed me to step into my fear rather than resist it. Gloria continues to give the gift of multiple healing modalities such as mantra, meditation, asana and breath to help meet each and every student where they are with grace, patience and unwavering compassion.

Kim M

Yoga Therapist and Photographer in Los Angeles

Gloriaji is a true yogi, an aspirant of the divine, a teacher and a true leader. I have appreciated her teachings, her journey, and who she is as an individual all equally, all aspects she shares with her students. She is one of the best yoga instructors I have met and above all her love and care towards all beings which shows up in her teachings is something I feel inspired by constantly.

Bharat W

Meditation Instructor, Advisor & Go-to-market Strategist in Chicago

If I had an ideal yoga teacher, Gloria is the one! Her authentic style of teaching is a harmonious balance of spontaneity, structure, style, grace and humor. Gloria is a genuine soul who knows what it takes to accommodate all bodies, all shapes, all sizes and all levels. She creates spaces that allow students to feel comfortable exploring their bodies from the inside out with no judgement or exclusion. I wouldn’t be where I am in my body Today if it weren’t for Gloria’s nurturing guidance and support on and off the mat. I admire and aspire to cultivate a style of teaching that is similar to hers. One that is radiant, impactful and oh so soulful! I am extremely grateful to have her influence at the core of my yoga practice. Gloria is a real one!!!

Sadiyya A

Photographer and Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles